Life Coaching

Master Coach, Jackie Gartman, sums up what a life coach is perfectly below.

A Life Coach helps people clarify and articulate what they want most from life and how best to achieve it. More specifically, coaching helps people get past their obstacles in order to create the results they want in life, work, relationships and spiritual growth. Coaching is like having a “personal trainer for your soul”. We don’t tell people what they should do; rather we ask powerful questions in an effort to help the client find the answers that always lie within.

Coaching is particularly helpful if you feel out of balance, i.e.; working too much, playing too little (or the opposite); if you feel something is missing but can’t put your finger on it; if you want to pursue a new career or change jobs; or perhaps you simply want more joy in your life.


A Lighter Life Program (Included FREE to first time coaching clients)

The purpose of the coaching program is to move toward a life of authentic joy and fulfillment, not necessarily to turn your whole life upside down. Be kind to yourself!

In the next 12 weeks, you will be going through a transition. You’ll be learning ways to put some sparkle back into your life. The transition may be uncomfortable and difficult at times. Give it all you have and you will experience a sense of inner cleansing and peace you never thought possible. You are not alone – I am here for you every step of the way.

Let’s talk about the basics of what you’ll be doing each week.

Throughout the Course of the Next 12 Weeks You Will Be Diving Deeply into What Makes You Tick and Creating The Fundamental Changes You Desire in Your Life.

  1. Control
  2. Balance
  3. Trusting the journey
  4. Journaling and introspection
  5. Finding guidance
  6. Emotions
  7. Letting go / Character traits
  8. Taking responsibility / Stress
  9. Goals / Sleep
  10. Maintenance
  11. Connection / Meditation
  12. Being of service

As a life coach client, you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Feel better in your body
  • Make your self-care a priority
  • Become more mindful
  • Stress less and play more
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Find the answers that lie within you


Your program includes…

  • two 45-minute sessions per month
  • e-mail support between sessions
  • coaching and support to help you make the lifestyle changes you want
  • simple but informative handouts that will increase your knowledge
  • access to an online community of peers for support and accountability
  • access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health and lifestyle tips
  • our personal commitment to your success


Three Months of Life Coaching (6 sessions) — $140./Month
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